My water tank is full, but there is no water coming out of the faucet. What should I do?

Make sure you have followed all the steps in this guide:

    1. Fill the fresh water tank as instructed.
    2. Turn on the water pump switch.
    3. Turn on the sink faucets both hot and cold, allowing time for the water heater to fill.
      Note: be sure that your faucet is set to engage hot water flow.  If not engaged for hot water flow, which fills the How Water tank with water and protects the heating element your water heater’ heating element can burn up and be destroyed.  Also, remember that it takes approximately 45 minutes for the water to rise approximately 40 degrees after the Hot Water heater is turned on after the water heater is full.
    4. Turn off each sink faucet as the water flow becomes steady and free of air (stops sputtering, and a solid stream of water flows from the faucet.
    5. Allow the water pump time to stop running … the water pump should stop running approximately 5 minutes after the sink faucets are turned off.

Note1: If the water is not coming out of the faucet during this time, you need to check all the connections in between the pump and the fresh tank.
Note2: If the point above doesn’t work there is a strainer with a clear plastic top located right next to the water pump, check it for debris.

If none of these things worked there might be an error in your system, please check Common errors or contact us at

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