Electric trailer brakes on Tigermoth

  • colonelmosby
    # 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    We bought our Tigermoth about a month ago. Took it camping last week-end. Everything worked great except the electric brakes.
    My tow vehicle is a 2004 F150 with a factory tow package. Since the Tigermoth has electric brakes I thought I might as well install a controller in the truck to make use of the brakes. Installed it last Friday, and everything looked good. Hooked the trailer up and everything on the controller read correct. Didn’t take the trailer out that day, thought I would set the controller up on the fly the next day.
    Started out Saturday morning and tried to set the controller to lock the trailer brakes. Nothing happened. Tried a couple of different things, still no brake response. Continued with our camping trip and had a great time.
    Monday morning decided I was going to find out what the brake problem was. Made sure I had voltage at the back of the truck. Hooked the trailer up and crawled under it to jack and jacked up one wheel. Wheel turned freely. Noticed there was an adjuster on the brake. Put voltage to the brake and the wheel still turned free. Went and got my brake adjusting tool and turned the adjuster until the wheel no longer spun, no voltage applied to the brakes. Backed the adjuster off until the wheel spun freely. Applied power to brakes. The wheel no longer turned. Adjusted other brake and the problem was solved.
    It seems strange that the breakaway brake feature was not tested at the factory or the dealership. I signed a sheet of paper at the dealership that said I had been briefed on all aspects of the trailer operation. The only thing not on the sheet was the breakaway switch test.
    Is my trailer the only one that has left the factory with brakes not being adjusted? I hope so.

    Mike Conner

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