Brake Controller

  • gsjack
    # 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Hello, I’m new to the forum and also new to being a Cricket owner. As a matter of fact, my wife and I won’t pick up our new Cricket until the Minnesota winter is over. The dealer is currently storing it for us in Illinois. The question I have is with regard to a brake controller. My tow vehicle will be a BMW X3 with a factory tow package. The vehicle has the required 7 pin plug, but of course, no brake controller. BMW, though they state in the owner’s manual that a brake controller is required when towing over 1400 pounds, has no wiring harness available to easily connect one. At least that’s what my dealer says. I really don’t want either them or myself tapping into the car’s electrics without the proper connectors, so I found a “wireless” brake controller made by Tekonsha that mounts on the A-frame of the trailer, controlled by a remote contol device that runs on 12v power in the car. It seems like a good solution, but I’m wondering if anyone else is using one on a Cricket. Is there room on the Cricket A-frame for this controller? Here’s a link to the controller at

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