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Why We Camp #8 – Spring Break Not Yet

Okay. Hello.

Blogging is one of my favorite things to do.

How is it then that it always falls to the wayside, the end of the to do list? I will put it alongside dancing and , well sometimes, camping. I suffer from the standard business problem. I started TAXA knowing that people, myself certainly, need to go camping more often. Now I find time difficult to schedule.

So, now, as is pretty typical of my wife and I, I am late to plotting a trip for Spring Break. I have three weeks to decide, prepare and get going. Cricketing to a beach in Florida? Cricketing to New Mexico and driving far far down a BLM road? Maybe flying somewhere and leading my kids deep into the woods for their first wilderness backpacking? The latter always makes me think of mountains. Most mountains till think that mid_march is still winter. Would that be too shocking for the kids? I could tell them that the bears will be hibernating still …. I will confess though that I do not actually know when bears start to wake up, or which ones don’t go to bed at all.

What’s on the list right now …… driving to Mammoth Caves. It is always the same temperature under ground and there is a whole park above ground too. I would get to see friends in Kentucky too and take the kids to see a house I designed. Or, drive west to that long BLM road in New Mexico, or to the Everglades. I learned the word ‘chickee’ by looking into that. A Chickee would appear to be an above water campsite on stilts.


I wonder if the escaped anacondas of the Everglades swim underneath at night. I wonder what noise that makes.

I must be a little bit agonized about what is educational, what is fun, what is fun afterwards. I’ll get over that and will tell you about the adventure after it happens.

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