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Why We Camp #7 – Holiday & Cricket Owners



Happy Holidays! Go be happy with family (or despite family)!


fisherman’s last supper – marsden hartley

We are traveling west this winter vacation to spend time with my in-laws. This is good news as I am lucky  to very much like them (see parentheses above).

I will miss visiting my family of course but the in-laws and siblings in law are wonderful and it will be fun.

We head to Yosemite the day after Christmas for three days. Woohoo!

In a perfect world this will mean mountains, snow, beauty and cold. Please note that the previous sentence is true no matter what. There WILL be mountains, WILL be snow and it WILL be colder than here no matter what. I am checking the webcams during daylight hours simply to verify to what extent it will be true.

I tell people that we are going so that my kids are exposed to the wilderness, to another National Park; so that they can drink water from a mountain spring, get cold and then get warm again after. This is all true but honestly I am like a little kid before Christmas who knows that Santa Claus is about to arrive. I AM GOING TO A NATIONAL PARK WITH SNOW AND MOUNTAINS AND WILD ANIMALS. I AM GOING TO A NATIONAL PARK WITH MY FAMILY. Perfect. Excitement.

God I hope they have fun, those kids of mine.

Can it really look like this? be like this?


That is simple – Yes. National Parks are always worthwhile. Now whether the weather will cooperate is a different story. My kids will tell you though that I have a thing for bad weather. Umbrellas are bad (for me). I learned that most aggressively in NYC with short people carrying umbrella spikes at eye level. I also realized that about myself when I discovered that I owned 6 different raincoats all specially designed for a specific condition or activity (hmm – foul weather gear, trenchcoat, motorcycle, backpacking, cycling, casual) . To some extent I think that is crazy now and I have backed off of my collection. It may be my protestant upbringing or puritan genes but I like getting wet and then dry, being cold and then getting warm.

Did you know that at least two Cricket owners have told me about the times that they have been camping and wolves have been circling their trailer? I did not ask if they slept well. They seemed happy for the experience. I would be. I am not sure if I would sleep well.


I am not going to Yosemite with a Cricket or a TigerMoth. That is sad of course but it is a long drive and I am here at work today, not bombing across the country.

We will be staying in Curry Village in a fabric tent. It should look like this:


I will be armed with packets of hot chocolate and instant soups of some sort. Kids are getting long winter underwear for Christmas. One of them is getting a water filter for that drinking-wild-water experience. They may be surprised to be without wifi.

I am still confused about the water safety changes since I was young. Is there really more giardia in streams and springs now than 30 years ago? I think we are being sold fear in the form of equipment. I resent that but then I cannot say I want giardia. And so, so be it – a water filter it is. The other child is getting a thermos for a hot drink on the trail.

I wrote this a long time ago:




Start a revolution this holiday.


Change the world and give a hug.





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