view of Crickets from couch of the Tiger Moth prototype!

The first ever Cricket Rally happened this past weekend in Sylvan Lake State Park, CO! A multitude (an ‘orchestra’ technically) of Crickets in one place. We gathered, shared, ate , drank and played together. I learned a lot.

[ well, this is a small lie. there was a Cricket Rally once before in Johsua Tree. It was smaller and I was not there. It counts for sure. No denying that.]

If you are wondering if I met:

  • a bomb sniffing dog
  • a veterinarian¬†who has rescued an astronaut’s cat
  • a photographer who drives around whole states to avoid using her epi pen (pollinating corn)
  • a couple who can run an AC for two hours or more on battery power
  • a sometime race car driver
  • a radio operator with at least two antennae on his Cricket and four on his van
  • a family with bear scratches on their window
  • an author who writes wherever he is and often in his Cricket
  • an intrepid explorer who is off to explore the whole country and who I hope visits the biggest ball of yarn in the USA
  • a rock climber who used to sleep attached to cliff walls (maybe still does)
  • a few fly fisherfolks
  • and others who are equally special but not currently lending themselves to bullet points in my tired brain.

Yes, the answer is an emphatic YES.

I met another Cricket couple at the very end of things who confessed that they did not like camping with others but sought out the solitary places to be alone with themselves. Someday soon I will create a rally where we all go someplace solitary and send in our GPS coordinates and celebrate that. I myself can be more than a little introverted and could relate to this. Texas is often an odd place to camping as it is hard to escape the organized campgrounds. Texas is big but often private.

I love people in all their differences.

I love seeing how people inhabit places and spaces. Designing for the aforementioned is what I have done all my professional life. I think and hope it is obvious that I am now devoted to doing so for folks who need to see the wilds, get their feet a little or a lot dirty, wander, and become active stewards of this wonderful and changing world.

I am priviliged to have shared a weekend with people inhabiting Crickets and to learn the smallest things about how they live with their Cricket. Thank you to them for coming and sharing.

I am sure all their photos are better than mine as many had excellent cameras. These are some of my iphone snapshots:

crickets and moon2

crickets at night with the supermoon! [supermoon = full moon at perigree]


casey, or maybe KC, or maybe kasey, the lifesaving dog!



this reminds me of my mom. she used to get phone calls from neighbors about laundry hanging outside. YES, Alex, I will send photos of my family of 4 Cricket camping and YES we have laundry hanging around. That is exactly one of the myriad things those attach points are for!



all the photographers were complaining about the smoke in the sky. I saw only clear skies and fluffy clouds.



there was a lake. lakes attract crickets.



a veritable orchestra


An ulterior motive in getting myself to Colorado and the rally was to bring along the Tiger Moth for a test drive and focussed feedback from opinionated people. In addition to interviewing all the Cricket owners about their lives, photographing their ‘hacks’ and solutions, etc. I also made them sit in the TigerMoth and talk to me about what they would want in an even smaller trailer.

The TigerMoth is our ~900lb camper, for two adults or maybe 4 dogs. You sleep inside. You can sit inside upright and comfortable in your own screened porch. You cook outside on a big 4 foot pull out drawer. Like the Cricket it is conceived of as a piece of equipment and there are many places to attach, strap, store the gear and supplies you need for a weekend or an expedition.

We went 2000+ miles and camped the whole way to CO and back. I stopped in on my friends at REI Denver and it looks promising that one will be on display there this late Fall. It towed great. It slept great (though I never sleep very well my first night camping – something about axe murderers and tarantulass keeps me tossing and turning). I learned many things about life with bears at campgrounds, though I will say that many different folks have many different attitudes about them. Everyone agrees that a hard sided camper is a lovely thing to have (and the rule) at many campgrounds. We saw no bears but they were around (scat!).


battleship tm

TigerMoth with proto awing, kitchen puylled out, solar panels resting on the roof



chicken taco prep as rally constribution. no salsa. i forgot salsa. embarassing.



view of lake meredith from open TigerMoth side door


lake meredith camping


side door open


cooking in the evening


not yet the supermoon


tiger moth – coming out late this Fall!





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