Imagine if you were camping …. it is 60 degrees below zero (f) …. there are cougars circling ….

Do you wish you were there?

That the person you were with just happens to travel with swords? sharp swords? and knows how to use them?

Would you feel safer and securer in a tent or in your Cricket? With a fire lit?

This is the story of a Cricket owner I just met. Experience is great.

For me I might dial a few things back – lets say just 20 degrees below zero, no swords – just the Opinel knife I have written about before, yes to cougars, or skunks, or a bear, or a wolf, or for some reason a raven or two, even a goat would be fun. Something wild or odd to witness. Something wild or odd to do – dance outside in the rain or eat a strange fungus for dinner.

Camping is sometimes about discovering ones’ edges – comfort, safety, cleanliness, degrees of exhibitionism. It is about measuring appropriate risk. Often it is about doing all this with someone else – creating the crucible of relationships between people and developing the  Man and Nature synapses.

The above can be about love. It can be the innocent stomping of ants by a three year old. It can be running down from a hilltop before the rains come. It can be going very far out there to be alone and separate and proving some self-reliance. It can be not showering for a week. It can be worrying about making love because of a stray remark from a Ranger about bear’s sense of smell (but still making love). It can be wondering about the majesty of nature and simultaneously wondering how close lighting can be without being dangerous. It can be an osprey dropping from the sky with a splash and rising with a wriggling fish. It can be explaining what scat is to that same 3 year old. Poop, but bear poop (cool). It can be about being alone together.

Plato’s cave allegory gets very concrete as we step onto / into someplace that is the not usual. It can be hard to explain the effects that the right sorts of pains-in-the-ass that camping can impart, to explain how they present the world anew every time. Pow. Lets go.



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